Kuremal Mahavir Prasad Kulfiwale


About Kuremal

Kuremal Mahavir Prasad Kulfiwale is a famous Kulfi shop in Delhi. It started in 1906, which is more than 100 years ago! Kuremal kulfi makes a special kind of kulfi. Kulfi is like regular ice cream but creamier and tastier.

The first Kuremal shop opened in Chawri Bazar. There, they made delicious mango and kesar pista kulfi. Everyone loved it so much that Kuremal opened more shops. Now, there are five Kuremal stores in Delhi: in Chawri Bazar, Pitampura, Kamla Nagar, Preet Vihar, and Kucha Pati Ram.

Each store has many yummy flavors of kulfi. People from all over the city visit Kuremal to enjoy their favorite treats. The stores are always busy because everyone loves the rich, creamy kulfi.

Kuremal Kulfi is very special because it has been making people happy with its delicious ice cream for so many years. If you ever go to Delhi, make sure to try Kuremal Kulfi! It’s a treat you will never forget.

Kuremal Store Address


Kuremal Mahavir Prasad KulfiWale - Kuremal Kulfi - Since 1906
Shop No. 546, Gali, Kucha Pati Ram Rd, near Ram Mandir, Bazar Sita Ram, Sita Ram Bazar, Chandni Chowk, Delhi, 110006

Kuremal Mahavir Prasad Kulfiwale - Kuremal kulfi Pitampura
Shop no. 1, DDA Market, Block JD, Dakshini Pitampura, Pitampura, Delhi, 110034

Kuremal mahavir prasad kulfiwale - Kuremal kulfi Preet vihar
G-4 G/F Plot 6, Vardhman plaza new Rajdhani enclave, Preet Vihar, Delhi, 110092

Kuremal mahavir prasad kulfiwale - Kuremal kulfi Kamla Nagar
Shop no-12, chhota Gol chakkar, D-162, Agrasen chowk, Block D, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, 110007

Kuremal Kulfi Chawri Bazar
Shop no. 421, Sita Ram bazar, Hauz Qazi, Chawri Bazar, Delhi, 110006

Two people, Manoj Sharma and Lalit Sharma, run Kuremal Kulfi today. They work hard to make sure everyone can enjoy the yummy kulfi. They have opened five Kuremal Kulfi stores in different parts of Delhi.

The first store is in Chawri Bazar, where it all began. They also have stores in Pitampura, Kamla Nagar, Preet Vihar, and Kucha Pati Ram. Each store has many tasty flavors like mango and kesar pista.

Manoj and Lalit Sharma make sure the kulfi is always the best. They use the same special recipes that were used more than 100 years ago. Because of them, Kuremal Kulfi is still everyone's favorite ice cream.

If you visit Delhi, you should try Kuremal Kulfi. Thanks to Manoj and Lalit Sharma, you can enjoy this tasty treat just like people did a long time ago.

Kuremal Menu

  • Kuremal Kesar Pista    90/-

    Kuremal Plain Cream    90/-

    Kuremal Fruit Cream    90/-

    Kuremal Rose Cream    90/-

    Kuremal Rabri Gulkand    90/-

    Kuremal Pan Kulfi    90/-

    Kuremal Mango        90/-

    Kuremal Chocolate    90/-

    Kuremal Guava        90/-

    Kuremal Strawberry    90/-

    Kuremal Lichi        90/-

    Kuremal Shariffa    90/-

    Kuremal Anjeer        90/-

    Kuremal Chickoo        90/-

    Kuremal Coconut Kulfi    90/-

    Kuremal American Dry Fruit   90/-